Another custom vehicle built by John Harlowe's Moonlight Engineering.
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1961 Chevrolet Apache 10 Shortbed Stepside Pickup Truck

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Fabrication, Modification, Installation and Technical Notes with Detailed Photos

Another custom vehicle built by John Harlowe's Moonlight Engineering.


Since I acquired a spare 235 c.i. 6 cylinder engine for this truck, my original plan was [ and still is ] to "bench" build a high performance version of it. I would then install this high performance engine in the truck when the existing "stock" engine reached the point where it required an overhaul.

I purchased all the necessary high performance and stock parts to make this happen, however, I have yet to find the time to actually do the build on the spare engine.

The following table lists the major high performance parts purchased for the spare 235 c.i. 6 cylinder engine. In the course of repairing the various ghastly mechanical blunders of the Neanderthals who previously "worked" on this truck, a select number of these high performance items I installed on the truck — those installed parts are highlighted in red in the table below.

The performance engine parts installed on the 235 engine that is currently in the truck { Flexalite fan, H.E.I., thermostat housing spacer, air cleaner, lifter side cover, timing gear set and the flywheel } can all be easily be transferred to the spare 235 engine during the "swap out" procedure when that time arrives.

High Performance 6 Cylinder Engine Parts

  • AUTOMETER: Sport Comp, Oil Pressure, 0-100 psi, 2 5/8 in., Analog, Mechanical
  • AUTOMETER: Pro-Comp, Water Temperature, 100-250 Degrees F, 2 5/8 in., Analog, Electric
  • AUTOMETER: Pro-Comp, Voltmeter, 8-18 V, 2 5/8 in., Analog, Electrical
  • AUTOMETER: 3 Gauge Mounting Cups, Pedestal Mount, 2 5/8 in. Diameter, Steel, Black — 2 installed
  • HURST: Manual Shifter, Mastershift, Chevy with installation kit
  • TRANSDAPT: Oil Filter Mount, Single Filter, 1/2 in. NPT Inlet/Outlet, 3/4 in.-16 Thread Filter
  • FLEXALITE: Fan, Flex-Type, Wide Blade, Clockwise, 19.312 in. Diameter, Stainless Steel Blades/Steel Hub
  • RUSSELL: Gauge, Fuel Pressure, 0-15 psi, 1 1/2 in., Analog, Mechanical, Liquid Filled, In-Line
  • STOVEBOLT PRODUCTS: H.E.I. with new cap, rotor and coil
  • STOVEBOLT PRODUCTS: Thermostat housing spacer
  • STOVEBOLT PRODUCTS: Three 7 1/2 inch spun aluminum air cleaners
  • STOVEBOLT PRODUCTS: Alternator mount and pulley for wide belt
  • OFFENHAUSER: 3 x 1 intake manifold with linkage kit
  • HOLLEY / WEBER: Three Rebuilt 2 BBL progressive carbs
  • CARTER / WEBER: Rebuilt 2 BBL progressive carb
  • FENTON: headers
  • CLIFFORD PERFORMANCE: Cast aluminum valve and lifter side cover
  • CLIFFORD PERFORMANCE: 264H hyd. camshaft kit
  • CLIFFORD PERFORMANCE: Aluminum / bronze distributor gear
  • CLIFFORD PERFORMANCE: Competition timing gear set w/ thrust plate
  • CLIFFORD PERFORMANCE: Steel flywheel
  • CLIFFORD PERFORMANCE: Pro-Street harmonic damper w/ O.E.M. pulley location
  • AC DELCO: 130 Amp Alternator
  • FRAM: Competition fuel filter
  • MR. GASKET: Fuel pump block-off plate

HIGH PERFORMANCE and STOCK parts included with purchase of 1961 Apache.

HIGH PERFORMANCE and STOCK parts included with purchase of 1961 Apache.

I did take the time to prep the Offenhauser intake manifold so that it would work with the Fenton headers. The underside of the intake manifold had to be shaved to provide clearance for the Fenton headers. Since a 3 carb set-up would be the main visual focus on the high performance version of this 235 engine, I actually sculpted and smoothed the entire manifold to give it an Art Deco feel and then polished it. It should be worth some additional points at car shows.

3 carb mock-up for 235 c.i. 6 cyl. Chevy engine.

2 bbl Holley / Weber carbs on Offenhauser 3x2 intake manifold mock-up.

NUMBER 1: On these HOLLEY / WEBER 2bbl carbs are hot water chokes. Electric chokes are available for these carbs, however, as a hobbyist I feel that it is more of a challenge to create a hot water manifold system and keeps the feel of the entire design more old school.

NUMBER 2: Mainly for safety concerns, braided steel hose with flare type fittings are used rather than the rubber fuel line with hose clamps.

Offenhauser 3 carb intake manifold with Fenton header mock-up.

Offenhauser 3 carb intake manifold with Fenton header mock-up.

NUMBER 1: Mr. Offenhauser and Mr. Fenton did not consult with one another when they manufactured their respective items -- so shaving of the intake manifold is required to achieve the proper installed clearance.

NUMBER 2: The Offenhauser manifold has passages in its floor through which engine coolant circulates. A coolant inlet / outlet plate is installed here. It also needs to be shaved slightly to clear the Fentons. Braided line and flare fittings will also be used here.

Offenhauser 3 / 2s manifold and Fenton headers mocked up on the spare 235 c.i. 6 cyl. engine included with the purchase of 1961 Apache.


Top view of the sculpted Offenhauser 3 / 2s manifold.


PHOTO ONE: Additionally, I did another mock-up of the Offenhauser 3 / 2s intake manifold and Fenton headers, this time on the spare 235 c.i. 6 cyl. engine I purchased for this truck.The enlargement photo better reveals the sculpting details I gave the Offenhauser intake and the Art Deco "look" that sculpting provides. In this photo, the shaved and polished coolant plate is installed on the intake along with the Russell fittings for the braided steel line for the coolant inlet / outlet and vacuum ports. The brass plugs on the Fenton headers seal off the thermocouple ports for accessories such as exhaust gas temperature gauges. As you can see in the photo, the Offenhauser and Fenton combo, now, not only have a matched fit but look great together too.

PHOTO TWO: This photo reveals the details of the top of the Offenhauser 3 / 2s intake manifold.

This spare 235 c.i. 6 cylinder engine shown here is included with the purchase of this truck.

Spare 235 c.i. 6 cylinder engine included with purchase of 1961 Apache
Spare 235 c.i. 6 cylinder engine included with purchase of 1961 Apache
Spare 235 c.i. 6 cylinder engine included with purchase of 1961 Apache